!Cover 1 for Black AF!
concept art color work
Not much to say here. I like looking at concept art. So when I get the chance, I will do as much as I can.
These are pages I have done for myself or publishers. And a few other things.
EYE, did this.
Here is a piece I did sometime ago. I do love it, and love to look back on something I have done that I actually like.
  1. What I do...
    I love to create. I love to draw! It's something I have been doing all my life.
  2. What I work on...
    I am doing character designs for a comic called "BLACK" I and the writer Kwanza are the creators! I work on other stuff also.
  3. What I Would like to do...
    I would love to keep making art and design in the comic industry. And even branch out into concept art and design for all media.